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The Slug Queen Chronicles: Season One by S.O. Thomas

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A highly addictive magical tale…

Thomas crafts a captivating middle-grade fantasy around the theme of acceptance and the power of the love and sacrifice. Cricket Kane is just an average eleven-year-old if not for her ability to see magical dust around her. But on her twelfth birthday, events unfold that change everything Cricket has known. After her baby brother is kidnapped by a fairy and replaced with a changeling, Cricket must learn to harness her  hidden magical powers and rescue her brother. Intricate and full of magic, Thomas’s story brings a modern feel to the classic fairy tale while recognizing the power of love and friendship. The intricately woven chapters, a layered plot, crisp prose, multi-dimensional characters, endless twists, and a fully realized magical setting make for a deeply engrossing story that readers will be reluctant to put away. The extremely cute illustrations are an absolute delight to look at. A keeper!


The Slug Queen Chronicles: Season One

by S.O. Thomas

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Pub date March 28, 2020


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