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Mystical Trash by Mary Ramsey

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A paranormal thriller high on erotic tension and endless twists…

Ramsey’s latest erotic paranormal picks up Sunny Foster’s life, where The Book of Leo left it off. Sunny, the young high school senior, is trying to deal with the insurmountable feeling of inadequacy after her first boyfriend left her for a world of drugs and addiction. Her father’s untimely death and her mother’s sexual exploits involving teenage high school students add more to her pain. When she meets Jahil, a Mexican immigrant with a tragic past, she feels she has finally found her soul mate. But things are not always as they seem on the surface. After her mother goes missing, Sunny must unite with a modern-day rogue’s gallery of punks, freaks, angels, demons, and one Aztec demi-god to find her. Ramsey’s fans will be delighted to see many characters from The Book of Leo appear as protagonists in the book. The subplots involving Elena, Austin, and Gabe and Alicia, Tony, and Eve are exciting and their stories reach a heartening climax, setting the stage for the next book in the series. However, the erotic sexual exploits of various characters overshadow the main storyline as the two-third of the book stays focused on various characters’ erotic adventures, leaving little space for major twists to unravel smoothly in the story. Focusing mainly on Sunny and other protagonists’ sexual exploits and side pairs’ stories, Ramsey dives into wide-ranging subspecies of punks, freaks, angels, demons and demi-gods, their sexual exploits, and her characters’ questions of identity. Fans of erotic paranormal suspense will be rewarded. 


Mystical Trash

by Mary Ramsey

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Pub date December 12, 2019


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