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The Ears of a Cat by Roderick Hart

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An intrigue-filled, compelling read…
The risk of overpopulation endangering the planet haunts Hart’s engrossing crime drama. For Catherine Cooper, Cindy Horváth, and Gina Saito, the members of Future World: an environmental organization determined to save planet from extinction, the solution to overpopulation jeopardizing the planet’s existence is simple—reduce the number of feet in order to reduce carbon footprints. Possession of a lethal lab-made flu virus seems like a good idea for the trio to plan for a mass genocide, but after the authorities get wind of their plan, it becomes clear that having good intentions can lead to ludicrous results and, ultimately, death. Hart’s characters are complex and without any definite shade of black or white except for Adalbert Pearson, who as the story progresses, comes out as a vile, hateful character. While Catherine Cooper is a flawed yet empathetic character, readers will find it a bit hard to sympathize with Gina Saito as Hart makes no attempt to soften Gina’s cold and calculating nature, who has no qualms about using others for the realization of her personal goals. Pet lovers will welcome the inclusion of Schnucki and T-bone in the story. Catherine Cooper‘s monologue with her cat Schnucki adds intrigue to the story. Without veering into the mundane, Hart seamlessly weaves environmental hazards and privacy concerns in today’s advanced techno age with an intriguing crime story. The atmospheric setting, smoothly paced narrative, measured prose, and the increasingly complex life of characters make The Ears of a Cat a must read for mystery lovers.

The Ears of a Cat

by Roderick Hart


Pub date November 28, 2019

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ISBN 9781838596842

PRICE $11.32 (USD) Paperback, $5.13 Kindle edition

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