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A Collection of Poetic Wisdom for the Discerning Series (3 books) By Tolu’ A. Akinyemi

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Marvelous and thought-provoking…

An exploration of personal and social issues, Akinyemi’s A Collection of Poetic Wisdom for the Discerning Series is both challenging and visionary. Dead Lion’s Don’t Roar, the first in the series—a collection of symbolic verses that challenges readers to find their unique roar, is divided into four parts—four underlying themes hinged on the title: dead, lion, don’t, and roar as Akinyemi moves easily from personal relationships to social issues. In “Social Media,” Akinyemi sarcastically defines the meaning of love in today’s social media age. In “Beauty is not Enough,” he ponders how the outside beauty is desired over a person’s true self. “Extra Luggage” is an inspirational poem about shedding toxic relationships. “Domestic Violence” urges the protagonist to break off the shackles and leave the abusive relationship. “Destiny” explores the futility of blaming failures on destiny. The pivotal and deeply motivational “The Roaring Lion,” urges readers not to listen to their insecurities and failures. Some poems will appeal to a limited number of readers because of their conservative subject matter (in “Bucket list,” getting married is at the top of the list for the protagonist; “Dignity Park” with its conventional views about a woman celebrating her sexuality). Dead Dogs Don’t Bark, the second book in the series is a luminous, touching ode to the celebration of self and exploration of many social and general life issues. “The Voice in My Head” carries the powerful message of waging war against failures and insecurities. “Stay True” (about staying true to one’s own self), “You are Beautiful” (celebrate one’s own beauty), “Yes You Can” and “Troubled But Not Alone” are deeply motivational while in “Bullions in Bourdillon”, “The Future Leaders of Tomorrow,” and “Pharisees and Sadducees” Akinyemi’s tone turns political. The poems in Dead Cats Don’t Meow: the third in the series, dwell majorly on personal issues (In “This is My Story,” “August Fourteen,” and “South Shields” the tone is deeply personal). “Dead Cats Don’t meow,” the title poem is a powerful message of finding one’s own unique voice. “Silver Lining,” “Passion,” “Depression and Suicidal Thoughts,” and “You’re Booktiful” are highly motivational. The series displays Akinyemi’s technical dexterity as a veteran poet as he explores different themes such as love, relationships, personal issues, mental health topics, politics, and social concerns among others. Akinyemi is a visionary poet with a fearless voice, and his poems provide a deep sense of everyday life seen through an eyewitness’s eyes.


A Collection of Poetic Wisdom for the Discerning Series (3 books)

By Tolu’ A. Akinyemi

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Dead Lions Don’t Roar: A Collection of Poetic Wisdom for the discerning (Book 1)

Pub date August 15, 2017

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Dead Dogs Don’t Bark: A Collection of Poetic Wisdom for the Discerning (Book 2)

Pub date September 5, 2018

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Dead Cats Don’t Meow – Don’t waste the ninth life (book 3)

Pub date April 4, 2019

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