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Cancer – One Story From Nepal by Leonid Altshuler MD

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Empowering and insightful…

Altshuler, a U.S. board-certified psychiatrist, presents a short, fabulous book that narrates a person’s journey of pursuing a holistic regime for cure of cancer. Part memoir and part guide, the book is written in the first-person voice of the patient, a wealthy Russian executive, who after being diagnosed of last stage metastatic lymphoma travels to Nepal and gets cured by following a combination of spiritual and dietary practices under the guidance of a local physician. An ex-physician and a wealthy oil executive, Ivan (only the first name of the patient is given) led a busy life, running an oil company and pursuing a high-fledged social life which included extreme drinking, partying, and an unhealthy lifestyle. After diagnosed with cancer and given a year to live, Ivan contemplated suicide but was persuaded by Dr. Altshuler to visit a Nepalese clinic to seek a cure for his ailment. A strict regime of regular meditation and a tailored diet (Yak meat and fasting days) cured Ivan of cancer within three months. Altshuler goes on to write with authority and confidence about the benefits of carbohydrate-free diet, blood sugar regulation, intermittent fasting, and regular meditation while discussing the root cause of formation of cancer-causing cells in the body. A blend of spiritual practice and balanced diet urges readers to look closely at the connection between an unhealthy lifestyle and the weakening of immune system, resulting in onset of cancer. But the book’s most effective material comprises the different meditation techniques prescribed by the Nepalese physician to heal one’s chakra; meditation to better the energy circulation between your body and the Earth, meditation to remove the block in heart chakra, meditation for the chakra balancing, and the meditation designed to fill you with the energy of the universe. All four techniques are easy to follow and highly effective. Evan’s journey celebrates the Nepalese wisdom of healing of body, mind, and spirit while the underlying message—to take a step back, pay attention, and be more mindful in forming and sustaining a spiritual relationship with one’s own self—stays at the core of the book. Altshuler’s narrative is utterly simple as he covers the basics of Nepalese thought and encourages a balanced diet and meditation as the basis for a cure of deadly cancer. This insightful and thought-provoking journey of a person’s healing will resonate with every reader and non-reader. A beautiful handbook that readers can simply consult or read straight through.


Cancer – One Story From Nepal

by Leonid Altshuler MD

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Pub date March 10, 2019


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