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The Complete Chaos Series (10 books) by Jim Hamilton



This splendid, well-crafted SF series is definitely a page turner… not to be missed!

An impressive multigenerational story of space exploration and colonization, Hamilton’s magnetic SF series takes reader on a memorable space adventure over the course of thousands of years. In “The Chaos Machine,” when a six-members crew of a Shoomaran freighter veer off course and land on Earth, they decide to lend their advanced technology to the human race to help with infrastructure. Hamilton effortlessly covers altering portrait of Earth over the period of thousands of years and smoothly blends several side storylines to create an absorbing tale. Hamilton obviously had a lot of fun writing “The da Vinci Butterfly,” a delightful short story about a teenager Leonardo da Vinci and his strange encounter in a cave (fictionalized) that changed his life forever. The story is meant to be a companion piece to The Chaos Machine and can be read as a standalone tale as well. Merging reality with dreams, Hamilton introduces an ancillary yet significant character from other book who is sure to leave her own mark on readers’ minds. In “Second Contact,” resolute and stubborn Cassiopeia makes a way for the human race to join the Alliance. Friendship is at the heart of the story: friendship between Shoomaran crew and humans forms the foundation of a future relationship between humans and the inhabitants of ancient Shoomar Empire. In ”Mankind 2.0,” Hamilton blends several sub-plots from the first two books to bring all the storyline together. He brilliantly captures the horrors of environmental disasters and the appalling ramifications they hold for the future human race. “Colony Ship New Hope” an adjunct sequel to Second Contact, takes readers on a journey with New Hope’s crew (Shoomar ship) as they meet an unexpected fate after awakening from their almost a thousand-year long stasis. Hamilton’s accessible prose skillfully captures the horrors of space explorations. In “Goddess of Gillani,” Hamilton takes the reader on an adventurous space ride with lovely Cassiopeia Evanland and her partner Griffin Mayfir as a disgraced variant’s decision to exact revenge for Cassiopeia’s part in enforcing the universal treaty lands them in an unexpected situation. Hamilton impeccably sketches an alien planet in beautiful, believable detail. His careful and effortless inclusion of the hard-core science details into the narrative keeps the story accessible. “The Race at Valli Ha’I” continues 5000 years after Cassioeia Evanland’s space adventures in Goddess of Gillani. The dark matter is in utter shortage, and a full-blown recession is approaching fast. Three sisters, a set of human triplets, get into the field of dark matter mining and make a shocking discovery, bringing new hope for the universe. In “Vacation on New Haven,” the triplets from The Race at Valli Ha’I save the passengers of New Haven from an endless stasis while exploring an ACME stasis chamber. In “Before the Fall” a prequel to The Chaos series, visionary Herreld Vale and genetic scientist Dr. Karll Landdren form an extensive plan (The Sanctuary Project) to save the Shoomaran race from extinction after the space ship New Hope with 500 selected Shoomarans is cleared to leave for the planet New Haven for colonization. The plot of this story might be made up, but the questions it raises about environmental crisis are too real for comfort. Hamilton explores the grim realities of global crisis (people wearing respirators and heavy longcoats for survival, infrastructure crumbling with population explosion, widespread famine) in a lighthearted tone without slowing down any of his narrative threads. “After the Fall”, the second prequel to The Chaos series, chronicles the tale of Shoomar’s reconstruction over the course of a thousand years under Dr. Karll Landdren’s guidance. Usually in a series so intricate with several sub-plots and a large cast of characters, an author is forced to devote a considerable space in each installment simply to recount or explain past events. But Hamilton expertly brings many storylines together and effortlessly ties up all the loose ends. His prose is as lush the greenery on the planet New Haven (after The Sanctuary Project), his characters likable, and his exploration of the horrific realities of environmental crisis are both real and utterly convincing. His larger message, however—the effect of pollution, climate change, deforestation, and other environmental degradation on our planet always stays at the core. Beautifully written, chock full of pleasant interactions and delightful psychological observations with plenty of references to delicious foods (especially smoothies), and with its atmospheric settings and fascinating characters, this series will delight every fan of science fiction.


The Complete Chaos Series (10 books)

By Jim Hamilton

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Pub date 2019

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