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La Flor Manor: The Introduction by Mary Jaimes-Serrano


A strong female lead; a fantasy world; and a gripping storyline…A promising debut!

Lizette has spent the past few years dedicated to her legal career which suddenly seems to come at a standstill, and the man she loves has been betraying her from the start. Trying to escape the sudden turmoil in her life, she decides to leave the country and take a break. Prince Feliciano is trapped in a cruel game of destiny that has him separated from his loved ones for more than a century. To return home, he must find his soulmate first: a woman who is pure of heart with a link to his old world and who will be willing to return home with him leaving her own life behind. When finally they meet, it is love at first sight. But will love be enough for Lizette to abandon her family, her friends, and her current life? Will she follow her heart? La Flor Manor, the first book in the series, is a brilliant start by Mary Jaimes-Serrano. Serrano’s world is rich in culture and history. Her vivid descriptions transport readers to the La Flor Manor, making them feel that they’re travelling with Lizette throughout her adventure. The sprawling eighteenth-century palace is brought alive by detailed imagery of fineries and open gardens. The author has done a brilliant job when it comes to characterization. Lizette is a normal young woman, someone easy to relate to. Prince Feliciano’s perceptions of Lizette make you aware how he sees the young woman, and at the same time, the reader gets to know him better. A gentleman at heart, he has this boyish charm. Serrano flawlessly blends heartbreaking drama with the daily chit-chat of characters’ lives. The vivid descriptions of open landscape make the setting come alive. The pace is even, and the story flows smoothly throughout the book. La Flor Manor is a promising first instalment to the upcoming series. The book, with its strong characters, intriguing storyline, and stunning setting will leave you want more at the end.


La Flor Manor: The Introduction
by Mary Jaimes-Serrano
Pub Date 12 Dec 2018
ISBN 9781791546595
PRICE $9.99 (USD)

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