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Centupled by Mara Mer


Brilliantly evocative, slyly humorous…

Mer takes a playful, comical approach to a family’s impending crisis as they come together for the 100th birthday celebration of its head. Told in third-person omniscient, the story occurs during a stormy evening in Venice as family members and close friends get together to celebrate 100th birthday of illustrious and endearing Rodolfo. As the storm progresses outside, shocking secrets come to surface, creating chaos in the lives of guests. Mer’s vivid storytelling makes the story both fun and tangible, and the narrative, which is shot through with Italian names and phrases, is evocative and skillfully conveys both the lighter, colorful moments and the underlying edgier mood of the story. Mer’s portrayal of her protagonists allows the reader to dig deep into disintegrating family ties, shifting relations, and crumbling individual facades. Highly engrossing and tinged with wry humor, this short novella will please fans of serious literary fiction.



by Mara Mer

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Pub date October 14, 2019

ISBN 978-1999914691

Price $6.99 (USD)


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