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Homestretch by Patxi Pagasarri



A flawless literary tale of epic proportions…

Written in a clear, crisp prose, this ambitious literary tale, the first by Pagasarri, narrates meandering journey of three generations of a Basque family over a period of more than a hundred years. Pagasarri not only takes the reader on an exhilarating ride across three Basque generations through the Spanish civil conflict, Hitler’s French occupation, and the post-war years but also draws a detailed portrait of Basque society starting from early twentieth century and covers the period of hundred years. With poetic precision, Pagasarri captures both the emotions of fear, uncertainty, and confusion and a sense of a new possibility, experienced by masses during many years of civil war. Highly engrossing narrative, skilled characterization, rigorously researched historical content, and moving insights contribute to a story that’s sure to make a lasting note in readers’ minds. Fans of literary fiction will be thoroughly pleased.



by Patxi Pagasarri

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Pub date October 10, 2019

ISBN 9781999914677

Price $14.99 (USD)


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