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Off The Well-Lit Path by M.S. Holm

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A tense, taut, character-driven thriller… a triumph of a book!

Set against the harsh, unforgiving backdrop of a Mexican state where murder, carjacking, kidnapping, extortion, and robbery are widespread, Holm’s gritty thriller narrates harrowing journey of a father who sets on to search for his daughter after a highway robbery. Left for dead, Bob Rugg is determined to get his young teenage daughter back after a group of Mexican highway carjackers abduct her in broad daylight. Holm’s crisp prose brilliantly depicts Bob’s simmering grief, raw anger, and utter desperation as well as young Rayo’s struggles to survive in his harsh environment. The stakes run high, and the reader will long for a neat resolution. Profound in its deliberations and extremely gripping, the unsettling, dark novel will stay with the reader for long after it’s finished. Fans of Cormac McCarthy should feel right at home. Absolutely brilliant!


Off The Well-Lit Path

by M.S. Holm

Great West Publishing

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Pub date July 30, 2019


Price $8.00 (USD)

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