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Innocence Tainted: Epidemic of Lies by Chiemeka Nicely

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Elegantly written , deeply moving tale of darkness, light, love, and betrayal…

Set in London in 2050, Nicely’s spellbinding first installment in The Rise To The Occasion series takes readers into an intriguing world of light and darkness. Dr. Oralia, the Head Scientist in a department specializing in DNA, Viruses and Vaccines at Infinite Illume, is living a gratifying life until a bizarre accident turns her world upside down. Struck by lightning one night, Oralia wakes to find herself changed and her perfect life coming to shambles, a mysterious darkness looming over London and invading people’s minds, and the memories of her torturous past resurfacing. Worse, Oralia’s own darkness turns her into a vigilante, forcing her to play the game of Judge, Jury and Executioner with the guilty. Oralia must choose between finding her own self or continue listening to her inner darkness. Nicely impressively integrates complex topics of DNA technology along with the science of viruses and vaccinations without slowing down the action or complicating narrative. Her writing skills are impressive as she explores complex themes of racism and sexism without sacrificing characterization. Oralia is drawn perfectly—Nicely skillfully captures both Oralia’s inner monster as the darkness takes over and her resolution to survive on her own terms. The characters’ transformation as the light and darkness interlaces is vividly drawn, making them come alive in the reader’s mind. The elegant prose, tautly constructed plot, and the gritty London setting make for a compelling science fiction tale. A must read for lovers of science fiction!

Innocence Tainted: Epidemic of Lies

(The Rise To The Occasion Book 1)

by Chiemeka Nicely

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Nicely Publishing

Pub date September 30, 2019

ISBN 9781999608132

Price $12.51 (USD)

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