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The Wanderer: The Planetary Fixer Trilogy Book 1 by P.R. Ramos

A high-octane thrill ride…

In Ramos’s exhilarating debut installment in The Planetary Fixer Trilogy, an intergalactic fixer living in a distant future becomes embroiled in a perilous mission to destroy a swarming mass of menacing monsters. It might seem like a piece of cake to halt a horde of freighting creatures, but the veteran Planetary Fixer Zaelen Skyreaver’s mission is more complicated. The planet he is sent to is unlike any other, full of martial-arts experts who do not take kindly to aliens. Ramos has a knack for writing powerful fight scenes that keep readers engaged even when the stakes are lowered. The thrilling aspects of space opera and the intrigue of Zaelen’s mission mixed together with fantasy elements creates a gripping narrative that will have readers flying through the pages. The pace of the book never flags. Zaelen comes across as very human, struggling with moments of pride and insecurity while maintaining an amusingly confident personality. Packed full of action, this tale will keep readers glued to its pages.

The Wanderer

The Planetary Fixer Trilogy Book 1

P.R. Ramos

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Pub date October 17, 2023

ISBN  979-8862486773

Price $12.99 (USD) Paperback, $3.99 Kindle edition

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