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Someone We Know by Shari Lapena

someone we know


Entertaining and twisty…

After Amanda Pierce went missing, no one in the neighborhood thought much about it. But after rumors of a teenager breaking into people’s homes and hacking into their computers start circulating, the lives of neighborhood residents are turned upside down as hidden secrets and old deceptions start to unravel. After discovery of a brutally bludgeoned body inside a trunk in an adjacent lake, the things start to go downhill for the teenager hacker. But is the young Raleigh the murderer or is it someone else? The plot is broken into two different storylines which eventually integrate. The emotionally distant characters and implausible plot twists, it seems, have become Lapena’s trademark as the reader fail to relate to any character and the final plot twist is difficult to believe. Despite the flat characterization and weak plotting, Lapena succeeds in keeping the tension high as suspense looms in the back and makes readers keep turning pages. The fans of domestic thrillers will find the book engrossing.


Someone We Know

by Shari Lapena

Pamela Dorman Books

PUB DATE July 30, 2019

ISBN 9780525557654

PRICE $24.99


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