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The Man Who Had 9 Lives: A Murder on Skis Mystery by Phil Bayly

Atmospheric, immersive, and addictively readable…

Bayly’s engrossing latest in the Murder on Skis Mystery series sees the television reporter JC Snow entangled in a dangerous game of cat and mouse with an elusive killer. JC and Bip arrive in Dog Mountain in Colorado to cover a story about Minnie’s Gap Ski Resort. But their assignment soon turns into a murder investigation after Hunter Anderson, a local doctor, is found murdered. Bayly plots an intricate, ingenious cat-and-mouse game between the killer and the authorities, integrating small elements from the very first page onward and gradually revealing their significance. He does a good job maintaining the pacing and suspense and bringing separate threads together. Sharply defined characters are matched by assured prose while the intricate plotting keeps readers turning the pages fast. The narrative flows naturally, the emotional undercurrents ring true, and the multilayered plot offers genuine surprises up to the final revelation. Readers won’t be able to put this one down.

The Man Who Had 9 Lives

A Murder on Skis Mystery

Phil Bayly

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