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Discovering Mom by Bryan Foreman

A delightfully spirited coming of age story that’s full of heart…

A vividly drawn cast, intriguing storyline, and fast-paced narrative mark Foreman’s latest novel. Thirteen-year-old Daniel Bennett struggles to fit-in both at home and at school. When he befriends Jasmine Thornhill, a biracial student in his seventh-grade algebra class, things begin to fall in place. But Daniel’s life comes crashing down after he learns about his adoption and part Comanche heritage. With Jasmine’s help, Daniel succeeds in locating his birth mom, Karen. Unsavory situations at their respective homes force the friends duo to make a daring decision: run away to the San Francisco Bay Area and meet Karen. Told in an absorbing, fast-paced narrative, this entertaining, atmospheric story skillfully explores childhood and adolescent angst, issues of identity and fitting-in, the dynamics of family, sibling love, friendship, marriage, and divorce. The first-person narrative structure in Daniel’s voice invites humor and subtlety, and the settings of Oklahoma and the San Francisco Bay Area feel authentic. Daniel’s family life with the Bennetts is portrayed vividly, and the overall premise of one young boy seeking a place to belong works well. Jasmine’s lingering presence also gives Daniel’s backstory poignancy and depth. While a subplot about Leon’s shady dealings adds little to the excitement, the playful tone helps soften the heavy subject matter. Daniel’s struggle with bullying and questions of identity brings relatable elements to the story, as does the divorce of Daniel’s parents and the changes in his and Jasmine’s family situations. Witty, fun, and heartfelt.

Discovering Mom
Bryan Foreman

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Pub date June 23, 2023
ISBN 979-8399310329
Price $19.99 (USD) Hardcover, $2.99 Kindle edition

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