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Deserve to Die by Miranda Rijks

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Absorbing domestic thriller…

Dom and Stacey are living happily with their two young children until beautiful and vicious Tamara arrives in their lives. Oblivious to Tamara’s sinister motive, the young couple welcome her in their lives, but as things start to fall apart, Stacey realizes there’s more to Tamara than it looks on the surface. The narrative is fast-paced and the characterization fairly good. The plot has plenty of loopholes—Tamara’s ability to be exceptional at a job she knew nothing about, the police never follows up on Tamara’s fingerprints in Dylon’s apartment, the ease with which Tamara is able to plant herself into her victims’ lives—but these few slips do not stop readers from turning pages fast. Rijks takes the age-old, tired formula and creates a page-turning thriller. The thriller will please fans of fast-paced domestic thrillers looking for a quick read.


Deserve to Die

by Miranda Rijks

Inkubator Books

Pub Date 31 Jul 2019

ISBN 4473453292279

PRICE $2.99 (USD)


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