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 The Adventures of Cleo & Leo: The first in a series of time-travel adventures! by Terry Roberts

A clever blend of charm and history…

Roberts’ lively debut picture book takes readers on two cats’ time-traveling journey to ancient Egypt. Cleo was content living with her human family until Leo made his entry. Not used to sharing her space and things, Cleo has nothing but resentment for Leo. When an unexpected event sends the pair to ancient Egypt, Cleo knows they must find a way to get back. Will Leo be of any help? There is a story within a story: the first one takes readers on the feline duo’s journey to understanding and friendship, and the second provides an Egyptian history lesson in which children learn about Bastet, the Egyptian goddess, the Great Sphinx of Giza, Ra, the Sun God, the evil serpent Apep among others. Roberts’ simple, straightforward text breezes through this jumble of stories, keeping them interesting. The accompanied digitally painted, colorful illustrations capture Cleo and Leo’s fun banter along with the many wonders of ancient Egypt, including the great Pyramids. A charming and fun tale about acceptance, understanding, and friendship that tells a complex piece of ancient Egyptian history in simple language. 

The Adventures of Cleo & Leo: The first in a series of time-traveladventures! 

Terry Roberts

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Pub date May 23, 2023

ISBN 979-8393372651

Price $12.60 (USD) Paperback, $0.00 Kindle unlimited

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