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The Abyss of St. Marie by Jason Hubbard

An expertly woven tale in a fascinating world of humans and elves, daring quests, and life-and-death situations…

Hubbard’s latest offering boasts a fully fleshed-out cast, fantastical worldbuilding, and tight plotting, immersing readers into a world of fantasy and intrigue. Tyler Stanford lost his elven friend in the horrible fire on the day the old king made the equal right announcement for humans and elves. Now 25 years later, his friend’s death still weighs heavy on his mind, but Tyler is content working as a university instructor and has no desire to get involved in any kind of politics in St. Marie. When James, Tyler’s long-time friend and the current king, assigns him on a mission to kill the indestructible, Tyler has no option but to say yes. The book is told in alternating chapters delving into various characters’ stories. Balancing the shift with ease, Hubbard explores the characters’ circumstances and individual struggles while revealing their self-doubts, fears, insecurities, and inner struggles. The leisurely opening soon intensifies, turning into fast-paced, intriguing action. Against a backdrop of division and discrimination, Sal, Rik, Tyler, and others try their best as they face impossible choices. The novel’s preindustrial colonial setting divided by race and class is a grim world: there is disquiet, fear, danger, hostility, and distrust. But there is also hope, solidarity, determination, romance, and friendship as various characters come together to fight the shared enemy. Hubbard effortlessly tells a compelling story while raising questions about strength, resilience, discrimination, rebellion, and what it means to be free. Thrilling, timely, and thoroughly absorbing, a page-turning read.

The Abyss of St. Marie

Jason Hubbard

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