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Critical Habitat by Terrence King

A fast-paced, exhilarating dystopian tale that hits all the right notes…

King’s first installment in the planned dystopian series features grim conflict, a corrupt utopian government, and social upheaval steeped in hunger, starvation, and survival. A world devastated by war and environmental disasters is a hard place to live in, especially when a corrupt government controls the rationed food supply and people’s lives with it. Two rebel teenagers X and Y are tasked with a dangerous job. But their plan goes haywire, and they find themselves in captivity. Meanwhile, Mel Custode, a desperate prisoner, is forced to make a sinister deal with the authorities. When her path collides with X and Y, she realizes she has to change her priorities. King’s writing is engrossing: from the vivid descriptions of the rugged landscape to the ways in which his characters must make impossible decisions in the face of improbable situations, all come to life, and he is equally at home with human angst and drama. Effective worldbuilding and strong characterization add substance to the fast-paced plot: clinging to her essential humanity amid her struggle for her family’s survival, Mel fully engages readers’ sympathies. X and Y are memorable characters, and their struggles lend gravitas and depth to the narrative. Leroi, Sun Bin, General Sangeeosay and other secondary characters are equally compelling. At the same time, King also examines complex themes of oppression, freedom, autonomy, identity, adolescent angst, rebellion, resilience, and survival. With its authentic setting, sustained suspense, endless plot twists, and memorable cast of characters, this series starter leaves readers eager for the next installment.

Critical Habitat

Terrence King

Penguins & Ducks Press

Author website

ISBN 979-8-9881209-0-2, $2.99 • Ebook • 261 pages
US Publication: Nov 14, 2023
ISBN 979-8-9881209-2-6, $23.99 • Hardcover • 6”x9”
US Publication: Nov 14, 2023
ISBN 979-8-9881209-1-9, $17.99 Paperback • 6”x9”
US Publication: Feb 6, 2024


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