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Eternal Love: A Poetic Pathway to God’s Heart and Mind by C. Peggy Atoche

Meditative, insightful, and profound… A beautiful collection.

Elegant and rich with vivid descriptions and images, Atoche’s debut deftly explores faith and spirituality. In her introduction, Atoche shares that “finding peace and clarity is possible with God’s guidance and help” and her hope for the book is that it will help guide readers “through difficult times to a place of loving refuge and into a brighter future.” Focusing on the excruciating suffering Jesus endured during crucifixion in order to leave an enduring legacy, “A Father’s Love” delves into the sacrificial nature of God’s love. “Forgiving Is Hard, Not Impossible” explores how to stop the endless cycle of violence, prayers are the way to go: “Believe it or not/ forgiveness is the tool you need/ to sever the link/ that enemies create to harden your heart.” Atoche’s writing is sensitive and deep: “I traced the bits of wisdom I’d find in people/ the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle/ put them together . . . always incomplete/ I longed to find that which might not exist/ After a long search, I found/ that love is not a dream,” as she declares that the only true source of love is God. Covering various themes that range from hope and faith to darkness and light to sacrifice, forgiveness, suffering, and compassion, Atoche explains that God’s guidance can help one find peace and clarity in times of despair. The included explanatory prose beautifully guides readers through the reading of each poem. This compelling blend of elegant, poetic language and spiritual insight will awaken love and compassion and take readers into a brighter and more joyful place of existence. A winner.

Eternal Love: A Poetic Pathway to God’s Heart and Mind

C. Peggy Atoche

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Pub date January 27, 2022

ISBN 978-1666736151

Price $30.00 (USD) Hardcover, $12.99 Paperback, $9.99 KIndle

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