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Finish the Race: The Great Mountain Adventure by Thomas Jung

A simple but endearing story of adventure and excitement…

Jung’s children’s picture book beautifully enumerates the exciting adventure of different cars racing through mountains. Four cars: red, blue, green, and yellow, decide to race through the mountains, unaware of the unexpected challenges along the way. Will they even be able to finish the race in the face of sudden dangers? And who will win? The simplicity of the text is perfect for young readers. When it comes to rhyming, Jung takes his inspiration from the evergreen “Brown Bear, Brown Bear What Do You See” (“Red Car! Red Car! Would you like to race? Yes, I would, and I’ll win first place. Let’s ask Green Car to join in the chase.”), enhancing his story by imagination and inventiveness. The pages are filled with vivid illustrations and imagination as the vibrant colored cars race to win the first place. There is real movement in the winding lines of mountain roads as well as the cars’ struggle to reach the top. The exciting race serves as the vehicle for an adventurous story about the power of hard work, drive, and perseverance. Recommended.

Finish the Race: The Great Mountain Adventure 

Thomas Jung (Author, Illustrator), Christine Jung (Editor)

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Pub date March 20, 2023


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