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Death In The Walled City by ADITYA BANERJEE

Intriguing, atmospheric, and often unpredictable…

A journalist and police detective join forces to solve a brutal killing in Banerjee’s latest novel. January 1983. Old Delhi is rocked by communal riots, and there are many casualties. But one death stands out and seems different from the others, attracting attention from the media. Shankar Sen, police officer from the Kotwali Station, begins his investigation and is joined by Nitya Chaturvedi, a promising journalist at The New India Courier. Their investigation leads them to a shocking reveal. Banerjee tells two equally engrossing tales—tense homicide investigation and Nitya’s individual story. Well into her thirties, Nitya is struggling with her mother’s expectations of marriage and family while trying to make it big in the men’s world. The plot is brimming with suspense: Shankar and Nitya soon realize that Avneesh’s murder is tied to a much larger conspiracy. Further, Banerjee’s setting is atmospheric; the nation’s capital comes alive, as violence roils the city, threatening peoples’ lives.  And his steady supply of tense moments and intriguing subplots propels the narrative to its finale. A satisfying, engaging tale.

Death In The Walled City 


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Pub date September 13, 2021

ISBN 978-1777357849

Price $8.21 (USD) Paperback, $6.23 Kindle edition

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