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Time Paradox: Tales of a Bounty Hunter Book 2 by Athena Stamelou

A winding, fast, freewheeling adventure…

Stamelou impresses in her brilliant and compulsively readable second installment in the Tales of a Bounty Hunter series, which picks up immediately after the events of The Last of the Time Lords. Novah, the last Time Lord, is in captivity of the malevolent Witch, Minerva, and the Master of the Vampires, Yokai. Noemi, the bounty hunter, Grav, Ramiel, and Raven arrive on Earth and unite with Astrid and Amora to locate and rescue the Time Lord. As the group races against time to rescue Novah, the excitement of the chase and of ultimate win keeps the readers turning the pages fast. Stamelou deftly develops Noemi and others’ character arcs, paying off on groundwork laid in the first installment. The worldbuilding is authentic and the characters multilayered. She expertly balances hope and trepidation as the tension builds to a fever pitch, and her focus on solidarity and perseverance makes this installment as touching as it is entertaining. Readers will be hooked.

Time Paradox

Tales of a Bounty Hunter Book 2 

Athena Stamelou

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Pub date April 16, 2022

ISBN 979-8802356937

Price $21.00 (USD) Hardcover, $16.00 Paperback, $0.00 Kindle

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