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Requiem For The Rooster by Mark Howen

A brisk, twisty eco thriller with a compelling moral core…

The Worthy family face unforeseen dangers once again in Howen’s nonstop, thrilling latest novel. Mason Worthy is finally back in Seattle with his wife and two daughters and is still struggling to get over the trauma of the harrowing ordeal of his past. Kat, Mason’s youngest daughter and an environmental activist, finds herself in a fight with an unscrupulous politician in her bid to stop corporations from dumping toxic waste in streams and drainage outlets. Paige, Mason’s other daughter, as a journalist is already involved in environmental activism. The sisters soon become the target of powerful businessmen and government officials who would stop at nothing to realize their ulterior motives. Howen’s writing is crisp and original, and the plot is unpredictable. But what sets the novel apart is the effortless way with which he builds his tense narrative and characters: readers will have great fun as Mason, despite facing impossible dangers, manages to survive, sometimes in incredible ways. Kat and Paige are complex and likable characters, and the secondary characters, especially Red, are easy to root for. O’Brian remains a scheming antagonist, and Howen deftly reveals the darkness of his character. As the Worthys face life-and-death situations tying to stay alive, Howen skillfully delves into relevant themes of family, friendship, integrity, trust, duty, responsibility, betrayal, and climate crisis while keeping readers on their toes as they try to figure out what’s going to happen next. A unique examination of the environment issues as well as a compelling, nonstop thriller.

Requiem For The Rooster

Mark Howen

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Pub date September 1, 2022

ISBN 979-8835435173

Price $16.49 (USD) Paperback, $19.49 Hardcover, $0.00 Kindle

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