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Isle Lacion by S.C. Chin

Engrossing and intriguing; an involving SF adventure.

Chin’s smart tale combines fantasy and hard SF, taking readers on an ex-soldier’s extraordinary journey to contentment and fulfillment. Serving in the Anima War in Babek for six years has left nothing but scars on Rai’s psyche. When he moves to Isle Lacion along with his uncle Barq Seltzer, he is hoping for a fresh start. Soon a local farmer, the enigmatic Leche Verano, hires Rai. But there’s something strange about Leche. Rai becomes curious about his employer’s identity; unaware his search will set him out on an unpredictable path. The worldbuilding is immersive, and Rai, Baskin, and Ripli gain more agency as the story progresses. The nitty gritty of the protagonists’ everyday life holds back the action. However, the simple yet effective plot draws readers into an intriguing world where nothing is as it seems. At the same time, Chin’s take on family, friendship, love, identity, homosexuality, PTSD, and human connection is beautifully done. A lighthearted, absorbing read.

Isle Lacion

S.C. Chin (Author), Vitta Chin (Illustrator), Michael Dubilet (Translator)

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Pub date August 17, 2022

ISBN 979-8370396038

Price $13.99 (USD) Paperback, $5.99 Kindle edition

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