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A Twisted Fate: My life with Dystonia by Brenda Currey Lewis

a twisted fate

A spirited, intimate memoir…

Recipient of the 2001 Dystonia Medical Research Foundation’s Courage Award, Brenda Currey Lewis’s account of her life as Dystonia patient is both interesting and courageous. When seven-year-old Lewis suddenly started walking on the outer edge of her right foot, she had no idea her life was going to change forever. After being diagnosed with Generalized dystonia (Dystonia Musculorum Deformans, a rare neurological movement disorder that causes muscle groups to tug and twist the body into abnormal postures ), Lewis and her family had to make drastic changes to their lifestyle. Once a typical, active child, Lewis was wheelchair bound within a year and went through countless surgeries and medical procedures. The inherited dystonia that wreaked havoc on her body couldn’t shake her spirit though. Lewis’s matter-of-fact narrative brilliantly conveys her struggles with dystonia, her gradual acceptance of her life’s limitations, and her fears and hopes without any hint of melodrama. As the story moves forward, the reader gets to know the real Lewis — a typical child and a teenager who has a talent to get in all sorts of troubles; a young adult who entered the dating scene with typical trepidations and insecurities ; and an adult who met a wonderful man and married him, but refrained from having children for the fear of passing her dystonia genes. In a simple yet effective prose, Lewis explores the obstacles that people with disabilities face and examines the long-lasting impact on their lives after the diagnosis. Lewis’s intimate account is detailed and passionate and will interest readers of all ages.

A Twisted Fate: My life with Dystonia

by Brenda Currey Lewis

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PUB DATE February 9, 2018

ISBN 9781460220436

PRICE $20.99 (USD)

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