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Republic Under Siege: Threat from Within (Wars of the New Humanity Book 2) by Michael J. Brooks

Thoroughly captivating, ingenious, and full of heart-pounding tension…

Brooks’s latest SF thriller, the second in the Wars of the New Humanity, examines racial, class, and gender disparity on a utopian paradise. Nineteen-year-old Akane Sugimori from Colony Three is more than excited after she wins an immigration lottery that will help her settle in Eden. But her dreams soon shatter as she suffers through one tragedy after another. Determined to survive, Akane approaches Randal Scott, one of the colonies’ liberators, hoping for his help in her fight for equality. Brooks has created a richly imagined world in which masses marginalized by the class system are struggling to find their footing on Eden. It’s a world in which people are divided by rank and class, and the ones belonging to the inferior class suffer relentless discrimination—and a world confronting urgent questions about the common man’s place in a society run by the “upper echelon” of the New Humanity. The riveting storyline, plus plenty of jaw-dropping action scenes, keep readers on the edge of their seats. Solid and addictive; a SF thriller done right.

Republic Under Siege: Threat from Within

(Wars of the New Humanity Book 2)

Book 2 of 2: Wars of the New Humanity

Michael J. Brooks

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Pub date March 3, 2023


Price $9.99 (USD) Kindle edition

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