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Unfair Discrimination by Mark Shaiken

A top-class legal drama infused with high tension and relentless twists…

Shaiken’s latest novel sees the endearing Josephina Jillian Jones catching a case that throws her in the path of a dangerous White supremist, upturning her life. Woody Clarke, the leader of The Thirty-Six Thirties, a fringe group with largely hater beliefs which is on the government’s domestic terrorist list, is part of the committee of unsecured creditors who have hired 3J to fight the defaulter Donnie Melanshin. But with the bankruptcy laws working in favor of the debtor, Woody becomes increasingly hostile. 3J soon realizes she is treading dangerous waters. Shaiken presents an omniscient, third-person narrative, focusing mainly on the ongoing court drama while switches to Woody and Donnie’s first-person perspectives in between, keeping readers intrigued. He flawlessly critiques the prevalence of hatred, racism, and White Nationalism, the ever-increasing incidents of violence against the minorities, the toxic culture of masculinity, and the self-aggrandizing role of social media in all of it, and he does it with a completely flawed yet appealing, diverse cast of characters. 3J is endearing; her grit, determination, and courage easily earn her readers’ sympathies. The equally appealing Pascale displays intelligence and sensibility. The well-rounded secondary characters, including Steinert, Judge Robertson, and Steele, are fully fleshed-out. There are plenty of twists throughout the narrative, and the cat-and-mouse game that Woody plays with the law keeps the pages flying. Meanwhile, details about how the bankruptcy code and courthouse work in certain states in America are revealed slowly, and readers will have a much sharper picture of the disgruntling procedure by the novel’s end. Your next-must-read legal thriller.

Unfair Discrimination

Mark Shaiken

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Pub date December 19, 2022

ISBN ‎ 978-1734557169

Price $14.99 (Paperbook), $0.00 Kindle edition

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