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Dominant Species by William Burke

Addictive, slick, cinema-ready entertainment.

Addictive, slick, cinema-ready entertainment. Equal parts thrills and chills, Burke’s latest is an electrifying roller-coaster ride with high stakes as genetically created dinosaur hybrids run amok to feed on the masses. After a few North Korean agents hijack a dozen genetically engineered dinosaur hybrids from Project Olympus, a classified genetic research facility situated in an underground bunker, all hell breaks loose. Mercenary Dave Brank and his lover Emily Lennox are still trying to come to terms with the trauma from their last adventure when they’re called in to locate the escaped creatures. But dinosaur hybrids known as the Olympians are virtually indestructible, and their genetically engineered brains are evolving at a staggering rate, approaching human intelligence. The stakes rise after the Olympians escape their Korean captors, fleeing into the desert to feed on their mortal enemy—man. From the opening pages, readers will know they are in for a thrill ride: the fast-paced story is bolstered by detailed descriptions, a vivid sense of dread, and smart, tight plot, sweeping readers up in the deadly humans versus Olympians game. Dave and Emily, introduced in earlier books, have grown into marvelous characters, and the deep bond they share is rooted in reality. The dinosaur hybrids, the Terror bird, the Harpies, and various other genetically created species are as interesting as the people. The fast-paced story, which raises important questions about the hazards of bioengineering, research misconduct, animal experimentation, and science versus morality, zips along with crisp prose, mesmerizing action, and thrilling action, culminating in a satisfying finale. Burke deserves wide readership.

Dominant Species

William Burke

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Severed Press

Pub date November 13, 2022

ISBN 978-1922861368

Price $13.99 (USD) Paperback, $0.00 Kindle edition

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