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Somewhere in the City by J. B. Frank (Author), Yu Leng (Illustrator)

A gentle book that makes for a satisfying bedtime selection… 

Employing a keen sense of tenderness and wonder, Frank’s latest picture book offers a beautiful premise and plenty of heart. Little Lucy is waiting for her father to come home from work and put her to sleep. As she waits for her dad, she stands in her window and watches the city bustling with life. Frank’s measured narrative has the cozy feel of a sedating bed-time storytelling session, bringing the sights and sounds of the city alive on the pages. As Lucy waits for her father, other people go about their lives: a baker is getting ready to bake; a musician is playing lullaby to the passer-by; a woman is waiting for the bus; a man is juggling six balls at a time; a street sweeper is removing dirt from the streets among other. Yu Leng’s rich illustrations are chock-full of personality, making an evening in the city look downright glorious. Atmospheric spreads and a simple, moving narrative combine to form a tender bedtime story of love and connection.  

Somewhere in the City 

J. B. Frank  (Author), Yu Leng (Illustrator)

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Familius; Illustrated edition

Pub date April 13, 2021

ISBN 978-1641702607

Price $13.99 (USD) Hardcover, $8.85 Kindle edition

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