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The Queering by Brooke Skipstone

Deeply evocative and consistently moving…

Skipstone returns with this breathtaking story about one woman’s journey to fulfillment and happiness. Suffocating in a loveless marriage, seventy-year-old Taylor MacKenzie is living through her writing, using the pen name Brooke Skipstone, her best friend in college and lover before her death in 1974. Tired of hiding her sexual identity, Taylor writes an autobiography about her time with Brooke. But there are people in the town who would go to any length to bring Taylor down. Skipstone easily gets the reader to root for her fully fleshed-out heroine: it’s easy to invest in Taylor’s two worlds—her haunting past and the turbulent present. The supporting cast—among whom Brooke, Grace, Shannon, especially shine—adds depth and dimension to the affecting narrative. Sexual tension between various characters is palpable, and the intertwined storylines wrap up with a satisfying ending. Skipstone pairs Taylor’s poignant coming-of-age story with a deep dive into sexual identity and LGBTQ issues, homophobia, patriarchy, dysfunctional family dynamics, individual angst, the corrosive power of secrets, understanding, acceptance, courage, friendship, and the importance of human connection. This is a gem.

The Queering

Brooke Skipstone

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