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The Journey To Respect starts with You: 7 days Inspirational Black Book by Patrice M Foster

Solid, intelligently presented, and inspiring…

Loaded with practical tips and social intelligence, Foster’s latest is an inspiring workbook about how to gain respect and feel appreciated. In 2 parts and 7 chapters that broadly cover such topics as “Understanding Respect, The Disrespect, And Getting To The Roots,” “The Right Way To Get And Experience Respect,” Foster broaches different doctrines of appreciation and respect in general. She encourages readers to realize and uphold their worth, insisting that setting boundaries and defining one’s values have a positive outcome when it comes to gaining others’ admiration. She also delves into how to change one’s perspective about respect, managing one’s expectations, becoming assertive, and detaching from the outcomes among others. Foster draws from her own experience working as a nurse in health care to convey the value of expression and communication, noting: “the journey to respect starts, is sustained and is made successful by you, no one else.” Foster’s writing is crisp and tone sincere. This is a charming, compassionate guide to raise one’s social status and feel respected, appreciated, and valued.

The Journey To Respect starts with You

7 days Inspirational Black Book 

Patrice M Foster

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Pub date July 21, 2022

ISBN 978-1734865783

Price $20.99 (USD) Hardcover, $12.99 Paperback, $7.39 Kindle edition

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