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Molly The Beautiful Pig Has a Pink Party by Marilyn Ferrett

A charming picture book that entertains and provoke thought in equal measure…

Sandwiches? Not ready yet. Dishes? Need to be arranged. Birthday cake? Yet to bake. Chairs? Need placement. Tea? Needs mixing. Umbrella? Needs fixing. Molly’s surprise birthday party preparations are in full swing in Ferrett’s delightful third installment in The Molly The Beautiful Pig series, as Elizabeth wonders if the busy bees will be able to keep the arrangements a secret. Molly’s birthday has arrived, and everyone’s invited, including Robin, Suzie, Rabbit, and Frog. Elizabeth is busy getting things ready, and Molly’s friends are fussing over the birthday gifts. But Rabbit’s present box is still empty. What should Rabbit gift Molly? The narrative is a tad bit too long, but Ferrett creates a colorful cast with beguiling personalities for an effect that’s successfully entertaining. Elizabeth, Sam, Totem, Cat, Robin, Suzie, Rabbit, and Frog, all come alive on the pages. The fluidly rendered scenes that pinball from feverish, chaotic action to serene warmth, deftly convey Molly’s hopes, expectations, small delights, and wonder. The multicolored, vibrant drawings beautifully evoke a celebration mood; jam-packed domestic scenes overflow with party preparation, food, gifts, stories, games, and a lively energy. Through Molly’s story, Ferrett captures little girls’ giddy infatuation with the words “surprise” and “pink.” Young readers will be charmed by this giddy celebration of family and friendship.

Molly The Beautiful Pig Has a Pink Party 

Marilyn Ferrett

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