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The Killer You Know by A. M. Taylor

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A fast-paced formula thriller…

It’s been ten years since Ethan Hall went to jail for a murder he never committed. The murder changed lives of many people in the small town of Twin Rivers, and Ethan’s family had to relocate to another city in the face of social derision. Determined to prove Ethan’s innocence, his sister Olivia gives her nod to a true crime podcast to feature Ethan’s case. As the podcast investigators dig deeper, hidden secrets and shocking revelations come to surface and change the outcome of the case forever. There are too many coincidences as the investigation moves ahead, and the characters appear to be flat if not downright unlikable. Taylor doesn’t waste any time when it comes to creating atmospheric settings or entrusting enough credibility to the plot. Still, Taylor’s writing is effective when it comes to creating a page-turning thriller that will satisfy thriller lovers’ craving for a few hours of non-stop reading.


The Killer You Know

by A. M. Taylor

Harper Impulse and Killer Reads

PUB DATE July 12, 2019

ISBN 9780008312930

PRICE $14.99 (AUD)

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