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The glass angel: A guide to freedom, peace, transformation, and growth by Christina Foxwell

Stirring, informative, and compulsively readable…

Foxwell’s latest offers readers an inspiring guide to help evolve into the best versions of themselves and to live an authentic, purpose-driven life that’s filled with joy. She splits her empowering and absorbing narrative into three parts, with the third section concentrating solely on alchemy practices, and shows how letting go of shame and guilt and accepting and loving oneself is what truly fosters internal harmony and contentment. She acknowledges that the ability to break free of personal barriers is already inside each of us, but it’s been worn down by the acute human need to prove ourselves worthy of others’ expectations. She recognizes that the goal to self-empowerment requires immense personal discipline. Drawing on her personal story of surviving domestic violence, unfaithfulness, rejection, and judgment, she shares her seemingly magical process of transformation and creation. Foxwell’s writing is infectious, and her grasp on her subject is tight. Throughout, she promotes the concept mindfully and convincingly, graciously inviting readers to explore their capacity for self-awareness and worthiness while encouraging them to know that they are complete. A well-crafted and winningly inspiring manual on self-realization.

The glass angel

A guide to freedom, peace, transformation, and growth

Christina Foxwell

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