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Wilbur and the Watering Can by Cynthia L. Clark

A treat to be savored…

Clark’s latest picture book beautifully instils the love of gardening while entertaining. Spring is here, and the sisters Magnolia and Lily want to start a garden. When mama gives her permission, the young girls are more than excited. They begin to work on their garden. But what is hiding behind the pumpkin leaves as the duo water the plant? Everyday the girls tend to their garden and their garden visitor entertains them with its puzzling antics. But is their visitor being mischievous or is there a delightful surprise in store? Clark fits a lot into the story, her fun narrative and talent for building visual drama keep the pages turning. She also keeps the humor intertwined with moments of learning. The eye-catching illustrations will have youngsters chuckling, as Wilbur attempts to hide in the magical watering can and as his expressions change from doubtful to delighted. Educational, goofy, and fun.

Wilbur and the Watering Can

Cynthia L. Clark

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Outskirts Press

Pub date June 15, 2021

ISBN 978-1977254726

Price $15. 95 (USD) Paperback, $3.94 Kindle edition

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