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Revive (Sara Browne Series Book 2) by Tricia T. LaRochelle

A twisty and emotional thriller…

In her second installment in the Sara Browne Series, LaRochelle delivers a taut thriller as young college student Sara Browne is drawn into a dangerous psychopath’s sinister scheme. Sara is still struggling with the traumatic event of her past, finding it hard to move forward. Though Scott is there for her, she is just too scared to be close to him. When a year-old case of campus student Carrie Stevens becomes a headline again, Sara begins to obsess over the girl’s disappearance and starts looking for clues, unaware of the danger waiting for her ahead. LaRochelle deftly sketches the story’s twisty plot and does a fine job of keeping readers invested as the narrative move forwards. She cleverly doles out information, keeping readers guessing as they delve deeper into Sara’s investigation into the missing girl’s disappearance. The fast-paced story gradually fills with surprising clues that link Carrie’s disappearance to the current mishappenings, signaling the possible presence of the culprit in the campus. The narrative is smooth and the characterization expert: Sara’s debilitating angst and inner turmoil are vividly portrayed, and readers will find it impossible not to root for her; Scott’s overwhelming rage is equally convincing; Amy is an appealing character, smart and fiercely independent. LaRochelle keeps a tight rein on her winding plot, and the lengths that her vulnerable but strong heroine goes to in order to leave her traumatic past behind make for satisfyingly moving reading. This is as much a novel of suspense as it’s an exploration of grief, trauma, personal choices, and courage in the face of difficulties. A solid sequel with authentic characters and a gratifyingly knotty plot.


(Sara Browne Series Book 2)

Tricia T. LaRochelle

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