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Kingdom of Acatalec (The Acatalec Series Book 1) by S. M. McCoy

Dazzling… The ultimate page-turner.

McCoy skillfully mashes the fast-paced lingo of sci-fi thrillers with the colorful worldbuilding of paranormal fantasy in her series starter in The Acatalec. For Tyler, taking part in illegal drone races on the side to get extra credits while working for Zeiten Drone Transportation as a drone pilot is not that bad until she gets caught in a dangerous game of lies, kidnapping, and murder. With a secret alien society on her trail, Tyler must find a way to get out alive and save her best friend. The characters are authentic and fully fleshed-out, jokes land frequently, and the roller-coaster pacing keeps the pages turning. Although the brilliantly constructed worldbuilding will draw the reader in, it’s the underlying chemistry between the strong-willed, feisty Tyler and the enigmatic Azel that will keep them glued to the pages. The first-person narration in Tyler’s voice beautifully ties the speculative elements together and brings a sense of simmering urgency to the whole of drone-racing business. Readers will finish the volume in one sitting.

Kingdom of Acatalec 

(The Acatalec Series Book 1)

S. M. McCoy

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Wild Rose Press

Pub date October 3, 2022

ISBN 978-1509242719

Price $3.98 (USD) Kindle edition

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