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A Burning in The Darkness by A P McGrath

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Deeply moving, highly engrossing, this emotionally resonant tale will appeal to every book lover…

Set in hustling London and war-torn Liberia, this poignant, deftly plotted crime story probes the conflicting concepts of forgiveness, revenge, faith, and redemption. Haunted by the painful memories of his childhood in war-torn Liberia, Michael Kieh, a Christian priest serving at London airport, finds himself entrusted with damning information about a past crime. Michael’s involvement costs him his freedom: he finds himself framed for the murder of the woman he loved. A young witness can help Michael’s case but fearing for the former’s life, Michael refuses to name the witness and is convicted for the crime. When Michael’s former lover learns about the conviction, she decides to take matter in her own hands and seeks justice for the man she once loved. Told alternatively in the third-person narrative and a series of flashbacks, McGrath brings his story of faith and redemption to life with a set of arresting characters, ingenious plot twists, and relentlessly paced narrative. The plot is complex with numerous storylines, but McGrath handles multiple themes with grace and panache. With an uncompromising eye, McGrath explores the depths of conflicting human emotions of his protagonists, and his characters, be it primary or ancillary, are definite standouts: the contrast between Michael’s faith in higher powers and his relentless desire for revenge is drawn as splendidly as Leonie’s persistent belief in Michael’s innocence. A remarkable examination of the conflicting human desires, the novel makes for every reader’s must-read list.


A Burning in The Darkness

by A P McGrath


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