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Make America Beautiful Again by Bo Bancroft

A dense literary satire tightly entwined with a tense mystery… Irresistible.

Bancroft delivers an intoxicating mixture of wit, whacky satire, intriguing mystery, and political intrigue in his marvelous debut. A suspected terrorists attack with a pre-dawn bomb spree along Georgia’s interstate highways wreaks havoc, baffling law enforcement as the only targets are towering billboards lining the interstates. When the newbie Seamus O’Reilly of the Georgia Bureau of Investigation gets assigned to the high-profile case, his suspicion falls on the Worthington family who owns Veteran Outdoor Advertising, the business behind many of the billboards along the highway. But Seamus’s suspicions are met with disdain by his superiors. Will he be able to solve the case? The premise is well-imagined, and Bancroft’s storytelling is both nuanced and intriguing. Peculiar characters match the madcap plot. Bancroft smartly sketches his characters’ individual stories, succeeding in building a deeply engrossing world. Seamus’s determination and resilience make him an endearing protagonist. The Worthington siblings remain fascinating throughout. But it’s Maggie, an endearing mixture of sharp wit and intelligence, who shines through and through. The truth of how bureaucracy and political power play a role in shaping the whole event is teased out with skill and nuance. The story of the bombing scheme, the Worthington siblings’ handling of the whole matter, and Seamus’s bumpy investigation are by turns hilarious and thrilling. Throughout, Bancroft probes class struggle, racism, bigotry, and exploitation. Readers will be wowed by this witty and fulfilling adventure. Raucous, ingenious, and fun; a must-read.

Make America Beautiful Again

Bo Bancroft

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Pub date September 16, 2021

ISBN 978-1737546405

Price $14.95 Paperback, $0.00 Kindle edition

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