Rise Above the Storm (Far Forest Scrolls #3) by Alpha Four

Immersive, intense, and compelling…

The third installment in Four’s Far Forest Scrolls series is a well-crafted mix of action and setup and enriched by a thoroughly detailed cultural background. Finn, Bellae’s beloved mentor and knight, is dead and must be buried. The deaths of children and old people have thrown a dark shade over the festivities, with all the blame falling on the elves. As infighting begins, the identity of the Chosen One is revealed, and the search for the Power Crystals suddenly turns deadly. Will the nefarious forces win? The book has it all—nonstop action, fascinating magic, heartfelt emotion, and real substance. Four skillfully draws his unusual and intricately imagined world of Verngaurd, populating it with courageous knights, powerful wizards, enigmatic elves and squires, fearsome dragons and an assortment of otherworldly creatures. Four’s attention to worldbuilding makes this a solid fantasy, but he doesn’t neglect his characters, giving each of them a fully fleshed-out emotional life and high personal stakes to fight for: despite its epic scope, the story remains centered on the characters’ interpersonal dynamic, particularly the relationships between Bellae and those closest to her. Between the infighting beginning, with the blame falling all around and the rising political complications in its wake, Bellae’s struggle with a great destiny she never asked for, and the search for the Power Crystals, the pages turn fast. Hefty on magic and high-speed action, this installment also delves into the devastating realities of war and the costs of leading a nation in crisis while exploring the themes of friendship and loyalties and the choices we make that engender them. The vast scope of the world Four has created in his series remains, but this installment is even more tightly focused, driving toward a suspenseful cliffhanger finale. A beautifully crafted setting with complex character dynamics and layers of political intrigue. This is a winner.

Rise Above the Storm

(Far Forest Scrolls #3)

Alpha Four

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Pub date August 4, 2020

ISBN 978-1732149977

Price $28.95 (USD) Hardcover, $9.75 Paperback, $4.12 Kindle edition

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