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Misadventures Memoirs (Little Girl Scream, #1) by Al E. Boy & F. Carod

A taut and engrossing character-driven thriller…

Sinister secrets, violence, and mystery permeate this taut debut installment in AI E. Boy and F. Carod’s Misadventures Memoirs series. Sofia Hernández is proud to be in charge of the Hotel Amatista, Cancun’s premier luxury resort and the jewel in her family’s chain of 5-star hotels. But when young hotel guests begin to vanish, only to turn up dead after being abused and tortured the next day, Sofia knows the resort’s reputation is in danger. She teams up with Dale Mathis, a visiting English professor, to get to the root of the mystery. The authors are expert at portraying hardscrabble corporate life, individual trauma, and parental expectations and disappointments. The sensible, down-to-earth, and convincingly sorted Dale makes for an endearing hero. A series of flashbacks unravel his backstory, uncovering the hazy memories of his past and connect it to his present. While Sofia occasionally has to rely on others, including her staff and Dale, she shows herself quite capable of hard decisions. The authors’ keen sense of the seasonal rhythms of Cancun life and their rich descriptions of its terrain bring the setting to life. With plenty of intriguing players, including hotel guests and assorted bad guys thrown into the mix, the storyline becomes knotty. Surprising twists keep on piling, and although the reader may sense where the winding plot is headed, the shocking surprises keep coming. Unsettling scenes of violence make it unsuitable for the squeamish. A thoroughly engrossing and enjoyable thriller with unanticipated twists that will keep readers guessing till the end.  

Misadventures Memoirs

(Little Girl Scream, #1)

Al E. Boy, F. Carod

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Pub date March 8, 2021

ISBN 979-8715919557

Price $19.99 (USD) Hardcover, $15.99 Paperback, $0.00 Kindle edition

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