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Journey to the Son by Carla Carlisle

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Multi-layered, emotionally charged read…

Journey to the Son narrates Carla A. Carlisle’s eight-year struggle filled with mental turmoil and moral dilemma to get Devon, her foster son, back from a difficult system and a manipulative, abusive birth mother. Years of endless expensive treatments, futile fertility procedures, and a painful miscarriage bring Carla’s genuinely boundless spirit to the brink and leave her feeling despair until she decides to be a foster parent and welcomes a premature baby boy in her life. But Carla’s happiness is short lived as the system decides to return the baby to his birth parents merely after six months. Desperate, Carla stays in Devon’s life as a temporary caretaker and tolerates relentless emotional, mental, and financial exploitation at the hands of his birth parents. But a time arrives when Carla is unable to take any more and decides to battle the ruthless system. The narrative is impressive, evoking raw emotion and genuine sense of despair in the reader’s heart as Carla struggles to come to term with the absurdity of the whole situation (initially when the system takes Devon back from her and later when Devon’s birth parents exploit her love for Devon shamelessly). In her single-minded battle against the system, Carla struggles to redeem her own brokenness. The subtle yet steady progress of Carla and Devon’s relationship toward the end is heartening. Celebrating the power of love and hope, this heart-wrenching journey of a foster mother will keep the reader turning pages fast. Deeply moving, intense, and emotional.


Journey to the Son

by Carla Carlisle

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PUB DATE June 17, 2019

ISBN 9781543971866

PRICE $17.99 (USD)


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