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Sentiaverum: Envisionment by Derek McEldowney

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Completely absorbing…

Struggling with insomnia, delusions, and a major artist’s block, the unnamed protagonist has nothing to look forward to until he meets a lovely young woman. The life seems a bit bearable as he moves forward in his relationship with encouraging words from a talking jackalope mask, his only friend at home. But another voice makes its presence known soon and nightmarish hallucinations return in full frenzy. Merging elements of supernatural horror with the internal struggles of a desolate artist, McEldowney keeps the tension high in this tale of confusion and relentless torment as ordinary events turn disturbing while the elements of horror stay inconspicuous. The characters are thoroughly realistic, and the build-up to shocking finale is expertly paced. Gripping and fascinating, the novel will delight fans of occult horror.


Sentiaverum: Envisionment

by Derek McEldowney

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PUB DATE June 13, 2019


PRICE $2.99 (USD)


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