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Ashes in Venice: A Vengeance Thriller by Gojan Nikolich

A tightly wound and brilliantly constructed psychological thriller…

Nikolich’s latest novel is a suspenseful, professional-grade police procedural, featuring Las Vegas homicide detective Frank Savic who finds himself on the trail of a vengeful serial killer. Retirement is just around the corner for Frank Savic, but he is deeply in debt, owing to his gambling addiction. When dead bodies begin to pile up in quick succession, Frank has no option but to take on the case. But the killer is too shrewd to get caught. Nikolich offers a complete package: slick detection, a sinister villain who is as menacing as he is thoughtful, haunting ethical dilemmas, and loads of revelations and mounting thrills, all amid a brooding Venice setting. The tense narrative keeps the reader turning the pages and holding their breath until the last page. Frank is a deft mix of faults and competence. Nikolich handles both the set pieces and his protagonist’s backstory with professional dexterity. A stunning procedural from an author to watch.

Ashes in Venice: A Vengeance Thriller

By Gojan Nikolich

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Black Rose Writing

Pub date March 3, 2022

ISBN 978-1684338917

Price $5.99 (USD) Kindle edition, $20.95 Paperback

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