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The Big Day by Terry Lee Caruthers

An engrossing and original historical tale, making for an easy crowd pleaser…

Caruthers’s wholly absorbing children’s picture book takes readers to Knoxville, Tennessee, on September 6, 1919 as young Tansy accompanies Big Mama to the polling booth to cast her vote. When Big Mama hurries Tansy through breakfast and a bath, Tansy knows the day is special, but she has no idea what it’s about. After they get dressed in their best clothes and arrive at the polling booth, Tansy learns women are finally allowed to cast their votes. Caruthers effectively captures Tansy and Big Mama’s excitement, crafting a thrilling, emotionally sober tale that brings the historical moment alive. While the narrative follows young Tansy and Big Mama’s day, Caruthers offers broad overviews of the Women’s Suffrage Movement in the back matter, which includes the author’s note about the movement’s history, Agnes Sadler’s short biography, and photographs and newspaper articles that cover many decades of the Movement. Robert Casilla’s vivid illustrations compliment the storyline. This is an entertaining and imaginative rendition of a historical day that will introduce young readers to an important chapter in history.

The Big Day

By Terry Lee Caruthers (Author), Robert Casilla (Illustrator)

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Star Bright Books

Pub date October 30, 2020

ISBN 978-1595729149

Price $9.40 (USD) Hardcover, $6.99 Paperback

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