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Hot House (E&A Investigations, book 1) by Lisa Towles

An addictive, stay-up-late read…

In her debut installment in the E&A Investigations, Towles weaves a complex mystery with deeply conceived characters, intricate familial relationships, and a tight plot that deftly glues everything together. When former CIA operative and private investigator Mari Ellwyn took the blackmail case of a federal appellate judge, she had one thing in mind: to dig out information about her father’s year-long disappearance while trying to solve the case. Mari teams up with seasoned investigator and former detective Derek Abernathy to look into the wrongful death of a mentally-ill college student Sophie Michaud who seemed to have a connection with the federal judge. The deeper the duo dig into Sophie’s death, the more convoluted and difficult the case becomes. Towles deftly portrays her protagonists’ struggles while capturing the desperation of Sophie’s life. Her writing is assured, the dialogue unerringly realistic, and the pacing swift. The taut tension that forms the narrative backbone of the plot never slows down. This meticulously constructed, remarkable mystery deftly explores people’s darkest flaws while revealing hard truths about the hidden workings of the world. A fast-paced and psychologically astute thriller.

Hot House

(E&A Investigations, book 1)

By Lisa Towles

Indies United Publishing House, LLC

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Pub date June 15, 2022


Price $5.02 (USD) Kindle edition

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