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The Pig Wars: A Tale of the Half-Elven (Sisters in Magic Book 1) by M.K. Theodoratus

Fast-paced and full of wonder… A powerful, gripping page-turner.

Theodoratus’s latest novel contains all the winning elements of a spellbinding tale: sharply drawn, memorable characters, exhilarating heroics, and sinister fiends. Magically powerful, Lady Renna of the Ren would rather spend her time weaving than fighting over who will rule the Marches. But when Lord Gorsfeld, a rich holder and port owner, plots to leverage his odds by gaining control over Renna’s lands, Renna knows she must stand up to the bully even if it means using elf-fire, which is considered a capital offense. Will Renna survive the trial run by the power-hungry rivals as she faces the consequences of using the forbidden magic? With total mastery, Theodoratus creates in Marches a fantastical world rife with magic, violence, treachery, greed, power struggle, jealousy, and war, and populates it with authentic characters who more than live up to their setting. The magical elements of the story—from the fantastical Half-Elven Powers to the forbidden elf-fire magic—are seamlessly woven with storylines detailing Renna’s individual struggles and the intricate political games the power-hungry play. Renna is not only courageous but also believably flawed as she constantly faces decisions that are harder to make while the consequences of her choices weigh heavy on her heart. Black Tail, Renna’s enormous, very spoiled pet pig, is a delight, and Lord Gorsfeld is wholly intimidating and sinister. This captivating, stirring tale of duty, responsibility, hard choices, and friendship is a must-read. Readers will breathlessly anticipate the next one in the series.

The Pig Wars

A Tale of the Half-Elven (Sisters in Magic Book 1)

By M.K. Theodoratus

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Pub date October 3, 2021


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