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Crossing the Pressure Line by Laura Anne Bird

A poignant tale of loss, grief, family, friendship, and self-discovery…

Healing and self-realization come from unexpected places in Bird’s outstanding debut middle grade novel. Twelve-year-old Clare Burch is struggling to come to terms with the loss of her beloved grandfather Anthony. When her grandfather’s will reveals a special request, Clare has no option but to forget about her summer plan and travel to the Northwoods of Wisconsin. As she begins to adjust to her new surroundings, she stumbles upon the answers to her many questions. But coming to terms with the death of her most favorite person is not that easy. Bird has crafted a moving coming-of-age middle grade tale, with tight plotting and rich character building. Clare is sensitive, loving, and fiercely loyal—and other characters, particularly grandma Lulu, Vogel brothers, and Roger are quirky and appealing. While the book tackles several complex issues, including family, friendship, loss, grief, identity, and self-realization, anyone who has ever been a lost person and has difficulty finding their inner voice will be able to see a little bit of themselves in Clare and Helen. Bird paints a vivid and profound picture of Clare’s loss and lingering grief after she loses her grandfather, and she’s equally compelling at portraying Clare’s journey thereafter that challenges her to find her inner strength and voice. Along the way, she celebrates the kindness of the tight-knit community of Wisconsin, with the richness of its small-town culture and resilient spirit. Both a poignant exploration of the tough reality of recovering from loss and an inspiring journey of self-discovery, the novel makes for a must read.

Crossing the Pressure Line

By Laura Anne Bird

Orange Hat Publishing

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Pub date March 1, 2022

ISBN 978-1645382836

Price $14.95 (USD) Paperback

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