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The New Iberia Blues by James Lee Burke


An absolutely brilliant book from the master storyteller…

In The New Iberia Blues, Dave Robicheaux and Sean McClain, a new addition to the staff, interview Desmond Cormier, a Louisiana-born film director at his waterside estate about reports of a screaming woman. The very talented Desmond Cormier is back to Louisiana to shoot his film. He is accompanied by his friend and producer of the film, the elusive Antoine Butterworth. While speaking to the duo, Robicheaux spots a woman’s body crucified to a wooden cross floating in the water. But that’s just the beginning as more people are killed viciously, including an informant who worked for Dave’s friend, Cletus Purcel. The case becomes deeply entangled with Dave Robicheaux’s personal life. Burke delivers his story with a panache that has become his trademark. The setting, the characterization, the plot: everything is as brilliantly done as reader expect from Burke. The Louisiana bayou is portrayed in all of its musty glory. The dialogues are razor-sharp and the pace fast. Despite countless distractions, the mystery stays as the focal point of the story. There are only a few authors who can deliver like that, and Burke is, undoubtfully one. Burke is also in top form when it comes to adding twists to the plot and pulling one surprise after another. A brilliant book from the master storyteller.

The New Iberia Blues

by James Lee Burke

ISBN      9781501176876

PRICE    $27.99 (USD)

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